Home Grown and Processed, Right on the Farm

The Process

  1. Food Safety

    Food Safety is first and foremost in every aspect in our operation.  Here at Clutter Farms Popcorn we are proud to maintain a third party Good Manufacturing Practices audit conducted annually by Cert ID Solutions. 

  2. Choosing the Right Hybrids

    All hybrids are NON-GMO and have been selected by people with years of experience and an understanding of what the customer wants. On our butterfly and mushroom varieties, we choose a hybrid that has good expansion and eating qualities.

  3. Planting and Harvesting

    We plant when soil conditions are just right in early May. Harvest begins in September when the popcorn kernel has reached its optimal moisture.

  4. On-Farm Grain Storage

    All of our grain bins are equipped with state-of-the-art natural air drying sensors. This allows our popcorn to be dried to just the right moisture for ideal popping expansion.

  5. Moisture Testing and Popping Expansion

    Popcorn samples are pulled and tested to assure the best possible quality for every load.

  6. Cleaning and Processing

    Our popcorn endures a rigorous process to ensure our customers the best and most outstanding product. Every popcorn kernel is cleaned by weight, size and color, utilizing the following:

Fanning Mill

The elimination of kernels that are too big or too small as well as any foreign material. 

Air Separation Gravity Table

The discarding of kernels that are the right size but not the right density.

Optical Scanner

An electronic eye evaluation of EVERY single kernel before it is packaged. Thus when a kernel does not meet our color standards, it is rejected from the grain stream.